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Forestry Regulations

Forestry Regulations are subsidiary legislation of the Forests and Countryside Ordinance, Cap. 96. Under these regulations, no person shall without lawful excuse sell, offer for sale, or have in his possession or under his custody or control any portion of the plants in the following table.

Scientific Name English Common Name Chinese Common Name
1. Ailanthus fordii Ailanthus 福氏臭椿
2. Amentotaxus argotaenia Amentotaxus 穗花杉
3. Angiopteris fokiensis
(currently known as Angiopteris evecta)
Mules-foot Fern 觀音座蓮
4. Aristolochia tagala India Birthwort 印度馬兜鈴
5. Asplenium nidus Bird's-nest Fern 雀巢芒
6. Camellia species Camellias 各種茶花
7. Cyatheaceae species Tree Ferns 桫欏科植物
8. Dendrobenthamia
Hong Kong Dogwood 香港四照花
9. Drosera peltata var. glabrata Crescent-leaved Sundew 茅膏菜
10. Enkianthus quinqueflorus Chinese New Year Flower 吊鐘
11. Illicium species Star-anises 各種八角
12. Illigera celebica
(currently known as Illigera platyandra)
Illigera 青藤
13. Impatiens hongkongensis Hong Kong Balsam 香港鳳仙
14. Iris speculatrix Hong Kong Iris 小花鳶尾
15. Keteleeria fortunei Keteleeria 油杉
16. Lagerstroemia species Crape Myrtles 各種紫薇
17. Lilium brownii Chinese Lily 淡紫百合
18. Magnoliaceae species Magnolias 木蘭科植物
19. Nepenthes mirabilis Pitcher-plants 豬籠草
20. Orchidaceae species Orchids 各種蘭花
21. Pavetta hongkongensis Pavetta 茜木
22. Platycodon grandiflors Balloon Flower 桔梗
23. Rehderodendron kwangtungense Kwangtung Redertree 廣東木瓜紅
24. Rhododendron species Azaleas 各種杜鵑
25. Rhodoleia championi Rhodoleia 紅花荷 (紅苞木)
26. Tutcheria spectabilis Tutcheria 石筆木
27. Schoepfia chinensis Schoepfia 青皮樹


Forestry Regulations do not apply to plants grown outside Hong Kong or on any land held from the Government under a lease, licence or permit or by virtue of an Ordinance.

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