Old and Valuable Tree Information

Registration No.: ARCHSD CW/42 Tree Photo
Registration Date: 08 September 2004
Maintenance Department/Party: Architectural Services Department
District: Central & Western
Location: Hong Kong Park, near the Forsgate Conservatory and the Olympic Square, Slope No. 11SW-B/CR290

Special Characteristic

  • Large size

Tree Detail

Botanical Name: Ficus virens (syn. Ficus virens var. sublanceolata)
Common Name: Big-leaved Fig
Chinese Name: 大葉榕(黃葛樹)
DBH: 1780 (mm)
(i.e. Trunk diameter measured at 1.3m above ground level)
Height: 22 (m)
Crown Spread: 23 (m)
Estimated Age: --- (Years)


Status: Alive
Last Inspection Date: 22 April 2021