Cotton Tree Drive

The Murray is a luxury 336-room hotel located in the eastern end of Central and offers panoramic views of The Peak, Hong Kong Park and the Central Government quarter that includes Government House and Gardens. A recent redevelopment of the building has seen a major transformation of this historically listed building from a Government Headquarters tower to a 5 star luxury hotel. Within the grounds an old Pink Shower Tree is located adjacent to the existing building.  It is estimated the tree is over 70 years old and was present even before the construction of the original Government Building (1969). It is an identified Old and Valuable Tree according to the Government’s Old and Valuable Tree Register.  A native of South East Asia, this species is grown extensively in tropical areas world-wide and is known for its beautiful pink and white flower bunches and delicate foliage. Years ago the tree was found severely withered and close to death, but fortunately, a team of tree specialists was engaged by the Development Bureau to preserve the tree and they gave a second life to this prominent and valuable tree.

For the redevelopment, and in accordance with the Architectural concept of stitching together the urban fabric by linking the large green spaces flanking the site to the east and west, this tree was retained and protected during the course of redevelopment of the building. Great effort was made in retaining the tree including demolishing and reconstructing the tree’s concrete planter, redesigning the existing podium structure to avoid the tree’s trunk and main branches and providing supports to stabilise the tree. With the completion of the building re-construction, this tree now forms a focus at the entry courtyard of the hotel.  The building’s three-storey arches and the recessed and angled windows frame the tree’s canopy and seasonal blooming pink flowers within the architecture at multiple angles.