U Lam Terrace

Adjacent to the famous Ladder Street, U Lam Terrace is a residential lane in Sheung Wan. Only stretching across approximately 56m, this lane is enriched with traces of Hong Kong’s history. Hong Kong Housing Society established an urban improvement project during the 1980s, offering the neighbourhood with a 6-storey residence of a brick-orange exterior finish. The concrete paved terrace in front of the building, bordered by a granite stone wall, is decorated with a line of Tabebuia chrysantha. The terrace is car-free and pedestrian friendly, where popular amongst locals for leisure and dog walking. U Lam Terrace is also a renowned location for filming of many movies and TV series in Hong Kong.

Tabebuia chrysantha, also known as the Golden Trumpet Tree, is one of the unique trees which sheds almost all its leaves before blooming flowers in Spring. The reason to this adaptive feature, is for pollinators to easily locate the blossom by sight or touch every year during March to April. For around one to two weeks, blossoms of Tabebuia chrysantha would add clusters of bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers to the scenery, where fallen flowers scatters around on the edge of the terrace and on top of the stone wall, creating a remarkable scenery in the historic streets of Hong Kong.