(Seasonal Highlights) Tai Tam Reservoir Road Sitting Out Area

Tai Tam Reservoir Road Sitting Out Area is located in Tai Tam, Hong Kong Island. The sitting out area is connected to hiking trails, providing respite for hikers or residents nearby. The lush and green resting area creates a microhabitat, different from the surrounding habitat, which facilitates the growth of different organisms. Around spring time, the shelter of the area will be covered by a sea of delicate pinkish-white flowers of Bauhinia corymbosa (Camel's Foot),

Bauhinia corymbosa is an evergreen climber plant. With fragrant and attractive flowers, it is commonly used in open spaces for adding greenery and visual interest to the landscape. Their pink tendrils grow in the middle of butterfly-shape petals. Despite its delicate and small leaves, Bauhinia corymbosa are vigorous climbers, providing an effective greening effect on planters or trellises. The plant does not only serve as a canopy of the sitting-out area, it also decorates the townscape with a carpet of its pinkish-white flowers.