Ngong Ping Cherry Blossom

The Civil Engineering and Development Department have planted around 400 numbers of cherry trees and native spring-flowering trees in Ngong Ping, including Bellflower Cherry, Bellflower Cherry (Double-flowered), Guangzhou Cherry, Xiaoqiao Cherry, Southern Early Cherry, and Yoshino Cherry.  Among them, Bellflower Cherry is the major cherry tree species in Ngong Ping as it is a native cherry tree species in southern China that is adaptive to warm weather and blooms the earliest.

Generally speaking, from mid-January to March every year is the season of cherry blossoms in Ngong Ping, and various cherry blossoms enter their blooming period one after another.  The flowering period of each cherry tree is only 1 to 2 weeks.  Visitors may enjoy the cherry blossoms around the Ngong Ping Village, near the NP360 cable car terminal and along the Ngong Ping Fun Walk when they visit Ngong Ping for sightseeing or hiking in that period.