Each registration and renewal will be valid for three years. The registration will be lapsed automatically if no renewal application is made.

Registered tree management personnel who wish to apply for renewal of registration have to produce:

  1. a minimum of 1.5 years in-service records in the immediate past three years before expiry of the current registration and
  2. records of compliance of the requirements on continuing education in arboriculture (“CEA”) during the same period.

Application for renewal can be made at the earliest six months in advance of the expiry of the registration.

Registered Tree Risk Assessors who do not have recognised academic or professional qualification are required to acquire relevant recognised academic and professional qualifications and submit their documentary proof for renewal of registration.

CEA is essential to uplift the core competency of registered tree management personnel to align with their expected competency based on the Specification of Competency Standards (“SCS”) for the arboriculture and horticulture industry as well as to keep them abreast of the latest techniques and development in the industry. The requirements on the minimum CEA hours, as well as those on specified core competency areas for each of the five types of tree management personnel, which are formulated based on the SCS, are stipulated in the table below.

  1. Minimum CEA Hours for Renewal of Registration

    Registered Tree Management Personnel
    Arborists Tree Risk Assessors Tree Work Supervisors Tree Climbers Chainsaw Operators
    Minimum CEA Hours 30 25 20 15 15
  2. Minimum CEA Hours for Individual Key Job Functions for Renewal of Registration

    Key Job Functions Registered Tree Management Personnel
    Arborists Tree Risk Assessors Tree Work Supervisors Tree Climbers Chainsaw Operators
    Arboriculture & horticulture (A&H) project administration and management 3 - 3 - -
    Occupational safety and health for A&H 3 3 9 9 9
    Plant selection, cultivation and propagation 3 - - - -
    Planting, caring and management of plants 6 6 3 - 3
    Diagnosis and treatment of pests and diseases 6 3 - - -
    Survey, inspection and risk assessment 6 9 - 3 -

The remaining CEA hours are optional CEA hours which should cover course or seminar relevant to the work of the registered personnel type which can enhance their knowledge, skills and techniques necessary for providing quality arboriculture services.

Please also see the recognised CEA courses.

Local Professional Assessments and Trades Tests

To complement the registration scheme in standardising the professional standard of the industry, there is a need to develop local professional assessments and trade tests to specify competence standards and performance criteria, to assess competence and skills of in-service practitioners with the same yardsticks, and at the same time to serve as the recognised local professional qualifications. This assessment regime will also facilitate the establishment of a competence hierarchy for the career development of local practitioners from tree workers to qualified arborists. A study is being conducted by the Development Bureau to develop the local professional assessment and trade test requirements with an aim to incorporating them into the registration scheme in future. The roadmap of the registration scheme is outlined as follows.


(1) For details of the registration requirements, please refer to the “Notes to Applicants”. Details of the renewal requirements are set out in the section of “Renewal Requirements” in this website.