The Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section of Development Bureau has developed the “Handbook on Tree Management” (HTM) to provide private property owners the guidelines and standards of good practices on tree management. In collaboration with the Home Affairs Department, the HTM will form part of the Code of Practice on Building Management and Maintenance issued under of the Building Management Ordinance (BMO). It aims to give standards and practices of management and safety that are to be observed and followed by owners in relation to trees on the common parts of a building.

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Appendix 1 Requirements of Qualified Professionals for Arboricultural Works Download Appendix 1
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Appendix 3 Sample Format of Tree Inventory Download Appendix 3
Appendix 4 Guidelines for Tree Risk Assessment and Management Arrangement (10th Edition) Download Appendix 4
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Appendix 6 Guidelines on Arboriculture Occupational Safety and Health Download Appendix 6
Appendix 7 Sample of Master List of Document and Record on Tree Works Download Appendix 7
Appendix 8 Right Tree Right Place Quick Reference Guide Download Appendix 8
Appendix 9 Proper Planting Practice - Select and Plant Good Specimens Download Appendix 9
Appendix 10 Proper Planting Practice - Provide Adequate Growing Space for Future Growth of Canopy Download Appendix 10
Appendix 11 Proper Planting Practice - Provide Sufficient Growing Space Between Trees and Adjacent Buildings / Structures Download Appendix 11
Appendix 12 Proper Planting Practice - Keep Sufficient Space Clear of Vegetation at the Base of Trees Download Appendix 12
Appendix 13 Proper Planting Practice – Do not Plant too Deep Download Appendix 13
Appendix 14 Proper Planting Practice – Staking and Guying Download Appendix 14
Appendix 15 Management Guidelines for Mature Trees Download Appendix 15
Appendix 16 Management Guidelines for Stonewall Trees Download Appendix 16
Appendix 17 Guidelines on Tree Pruning Download Appendix 17
Appendix 18 Do’s and Don’ts in Pruning (Factsheet) Download Appendix 18
Appendix 19 Do’s and Don’ts in Pruning (Leaflet) Download Appendix 19
Appendix 20 Manual on the Management of Brown Root Rot Disease Download Appendix 20
Appendix 21 Note on Common Wood Decay Fungi on Urban Trees of Hong Kong Download Appendix 21
Appendix 22 Guidelines on Tree Preservation during Development Download Appendix 22
Appendix 23 Design for Tree Protection Zone Download Appendix 23
Appendix 24 Guideline on Pavement Renovation Works and Tree Stability Download Appendix 24
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